Over 40 years of experience and an outstanding multimedia library.

Since 1984 an unbeatable partner you can rely on.


Starting in the year 2000 with 10 documentaries for RAI, the italian national television, following with dozens of backstage promos, short films, music videos, trailers, TV clips, adverts, like the one for the “Unione delle Province Italiane”. Now producing video assets contributing to the Testacoda stock video library.


Since 1984 a long creative history made of music jingles e radio ads, for clients like Air France, Alitalia, Esso, Ferrovie dello Stato, Renault, Telecom Italia, Zanichelli (every radio promo from 1996 to 2013), but not only, radio shows, podcasts and audiobooks.


Along with advertisement production, we always produced music and, since 1988, we are a music publisher with an ever-growing library. Thousands of tracks, soundtracks, radio and tv background music and production music. We own several labels, via which we published many albums.


Print graphics, typography, logos, calendars, marketing material in the 70s with “Studio DEF”, leading to today’s “Idea Logo” and to 3D modeling and animation, photorealistic rendering, together with PAMIK Studio.

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